Multi Bag
It’s all in the bag!
  • Manufacturing Bags for Over 35 Years
    High quality custom made bags and packaging since 1978

    Our sales team has expert knowledge of new styles, classic packaging, new trends, choices of materials, printing and design to provide clients with custom made packaging solutions. Here at Multi Bag, we work with you to satisfy your company’s demands and deliver products and services according to your organization’s unique needs. Let our staff turn your bag into a sexy marketing tool that will promote your brand or message for years to come. Your custom made bag is like a walking billboard! Really… it’s all in the bag!
  • Supplying Organizations Across the Globe
    Retail Chain Stores, Boutiques, Garment Trade, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Governments (Municipal/Provincial/State), Universities

    Whether you have hundreds of retail outlets worldwide, a handful of local restaurants, 50 student dorms or a municipality with millions of residents, we have the production capacity and distribution expertise to manufacture and supply your organization with the bags you need. Our bags and packaging products are used by major retail chain stores in your local malls, restaurants for takeout meals, students in university dorms and citizens in major metropolitan areas as well as residents in distant communities.
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  • Paper Bags

      1. Paper bags are 100% recyclable
      2. Can be produced from art paper, kraft paper, woodfree paper and/or recycled paper
      3. Many handle options such as cotton or nylon rope, twisted paper and ribbon
      4. Limitless colour, printing and sizing options

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  • Plastic Shopping Bags

      1. Can be manufactured from recycled content
      2. Beautiful designs and artwork in 4-colour process printing or numerous pantone colours
      3. Variety of handles, cardboard bottoms, finishes and thicknesses

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  • Reusable Shopping Bags

      1. Made from woven or non-woven polypropylene
      2. Printed with beautiful artwork and logos
      3. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

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  • Recycling Bags

      1. Made of recycled material and is 100% recyclable
      2. Washable and water resistant
      3. Strong, durable and holds up to 30 lbs
      4. Handle on bottom for easy unloading

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  • Mailers

      1. Shipping bubble mailers are also available in biodegradable and photodegradable material
      2. Personalized with printing, messaging and artwork
      3. Manufactured with or without a bubble liner for added protection
      4. Ideal for retailers that are shipping goods through their website
      5. 3 stock sizes available for next-day shipping

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  • Garment Bags

      1. Many kinds of materials to choose from- PVC vinyl, Non-woven and the fashionable PEVA material
      2. Garment bags fold up for easy transportation
      3. Holds between 3 and 10 articles of clothing
      4. Personalized with printing, graphics and your organization’s brand
      5. Simple to carry or hang from hooks or luggage carts

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  • Gift Boxes

      1. Gift boxes can be used as retail packaging or for shipping purposes
      2. Manufactured in a wide range of materials and with custom sizing options
      3. Print on your gift boxes to promote your message, brand or even simply to label the contents
      4. Environmentally-friendly recyclable and recycled materials options available

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  • Specialty Bags

      1. Specialty bags turn your unique concepts into real packaging
      2. Work with Multi Bag to decide on the optimal materials, sizing, construction and printing
      3. Represent a special event or accommodate an unusually-shaped item
      4. The only limitation is your imagination!

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    Takeout Bags
  • Restaurant Takeout Bags

      1. Custom sizes for a perfect fit with your takeout, take home or delivery packaging
      2. Manufactured from any number of materials
      3. Printed with your restaurant’s logo and contact information
      4. Ensures food stays fresh and upright with extra support, dividers, vents or stronger handles

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Custom made just for you! The style, shape, size, materials, handles, printing and graphics of our bags are all produced according to your specifications.
  • Handles
    Rope handles- both cotton and nylon, die-cut and half-moon handles, twisted paper handles, soft loop handles, drawstring, nylon webbing handles, ribbons… so many handle options.

    The choice is yours!
  • Materials
    Paper bags- art paper, kraft paper, woodfree. Plastic bags- polyethylene, high density, low density, biodegradable, photodegradable. Reusable bags- woven polypropylene and non-woven polypropylene.

    All materials are made of partial or 100% recycled content and are 100% recyclable. Some materials have a high percentage of post consumer content.
  • Printing and Design
    We can print any number of colours requested. One, two, three, four….as many as needed, up to fourteen. 4 colour process printing- your graphics and pictures will look exquisite! Quality colours and clean lines!

    We use your JPG, PDF, EPS and AI artwork files to print your graphics using the exact CMYK, RGB or pantone colours. Having trouble wrangling up a design? Browse our samples and contact us!
  • Distribution and Warehousing
    At Multi Bag, we have decades of experience in warehousing, inventory, distribution and logistics management. Our 75,000 square ft warehouse facility can satisfy your needs today and accommodate future requirements as your organization grows and your demands change.

    We provide detailed monthly consumption reports and forecasting of our clients’ needs and requirements. Additionally, we offer an individually designed stock program in which we warehouse a minimum three months of stock.

At Multi Bag, we are dedicated to providing environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging choices by continuously reducing our environmental impact throughout the lifecycle of our shopping bags!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!